The Four Grown-Ass Women

Kate Bierman  is a political scientist, entrepreneur and the co-owner of several businesses, including Annie’s Ruff House dog daycare, Cool Beans drive through coffee shop and Yellow Dog Coffee Company. She also has a side gig as a business consultant. Kate is smart and pragmatic and brings an energy that can’t be thwarted. She speaks her mind and is always up for a heated debate.

Sereta Wilson brings the Oklahoma redneck side to the conversation. She is a 50-year-old grown-ass woman who started a doggy daycare twelve years ago and found her passion in the startup business world. She loves numbers, and numbers of dollars are her favorite. She co-owns along with Kate, Annie’s Ruff House, Cool Beans, and Yellow Dog Coffee Company. She also provides business consulting as a side hustle. Both Kate and Sereta have served in local government as elected officials. Sereta is seriously funny and full of curse words. She started her life as a regular redneck but grew up to be a liberal redneck that can’t be put into any one box. 

Jacque Braun is a graphic and web designer, podcast producer, and the owner of Bluering Design and Bluering Podcasting. Jacque is witty and creative and is the sexy soft voice that introduces our podcast each week. She has a wry sense of humor and a keen mind for business and life. She also isn’t one bit afraid to spill details about her personal life as a single woman.

Emily Mick is a licensed professional counselor and counselor candidate supervisor in private practice. She’s passionate about mental health access, normalizing and destigmatizing mental health, and discussing issues related to individual experiences in business, relationships, and life. She’s involved in several local animal, literacy, and aging non-profits and enjoys giving back to the community in whatever way she can. She loves bringing sparkly bits into the lives of those around her. Don’t mistake her compassion and kindness for weakness though, as she is outspoken and opinionated, and brings real-life “Bitches Have Boundaries” to the podcast.

These women have led interesting lives and are ready to share the lessons they've learned. They are thoughtful, fun, creative, and educated. They have many opinions about the world and its people and are not afraid to share them.